Slag drying

Compound for binding liquid, viscous and dry slag.

Exothermic compounds

Insulation and exothermic powder designed to prevent the formation of shrink holes, i.e. to slow down heat dissipation.

Exothermic feeder mass

Separator compounds

Compounds to facilitate the separation of the casting from the core.


Carburisers are designed to carburise steel, grey cast iron and nodular cast iron. They regulate the carbon content in the smelt.

  • KARBOTERM NL 1 – 5 mm
  • KARBOTERM NL 4 –10 mm
  • KARBOTERM SL 1 – 5 mm
  • KARBOTERM ST 0,2 – 3 mm

SIC 90 % 1-10 MM

SiC is a compound designed to increase the silicon and carbon content in the smelt, to stabilise it and to provide an optimum uniform microstructure.

Core glue

This is applied when gluing parts of the core together and in repairing broken parts of moulds and cores.

– Core glue
– Foundry glue
– Foundry industry glue
– Core-bonding glue
– Cold-bonding glue
– Glue for core-making using the Cold box process
– Glue for the production of moulds and cores using the “Croning” and CO2 processes



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