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Foundry, construction and other users to offer high quality and price competitive products from quartz sand.
By the end of the decade to become one of the leading European producers of coated quartz sands and foundry cores, competitive supplier of foundry aids and a major producer of construction aggregates, which are technically, environmentally and economically suitable for the rehabilitation of degraded areas.
Customer Satisfaction • Creativity and Innovation • Quality and Business Excellence • Openness and flexibility • Social responsibility and environmental responsibility


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August 25, 2017
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August 8, 2017
Close-up of a rear view woman into the swimming pool on Maldivian resort.

ATTENTION: our plant holidays are from 15.8.2016 till 19.8.2016

ATTENTION:   our plant holidays are from 15.8.2016 till 19.8.2016...

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